Everyone is Too Busy to Cook

And yet again, it is another “that time of year.”  The beginning of the school year, kids in athletics, music, religious school; as soon as that winds down, the holidays hit.  Barely having time to recover, suddenly research paper grading season is upon me (What? not everyone grades 138 research papers a year?); and quickly on the heels of research papers is Spring sports, prepping the garden, fixing all of those things that broke over the winter.  It just seems like everyone is too busy to cook.

We start this season by keeping things simple.So here are some quick ideas that can keep you out of the drive-thru and in your kitchen:

Breakfast for Dinner

A quick go-to that everyone loves is french toast for dinner, or pancakes, or even scrambled eggs with a side of bacon. It is whimsical, quick, and popular.


If it is good enough for lunch, it should be good enough for dinner!  That old stand-by PBJ is always around!  Sometimes we will put a variety of fillings out and bread slices and everyone makes what they want.


Hey, wait a minute!  Isn’t that what we are supposed to be avoiding? YES!  But we have a dinner called restaurant, where we eat leftovers that we stored in the freezer.  When we have one serving of something left, we will put it in a freezer container, label the container with the name of what it is and the date we froze it (generally we use masking tape and a Sharpie).  Someone stands at the freezer and calls off what we have available and then it all goes in the oven on cookie sheets.  Everyone has their choice in about 45 minutes.

The key, of course is planning ahead.  Every week, take a look at the calendar and see what events are on the horizon.  We have a big white board on the wall in the kitchen and as things come up, we can add to it.  So, good luck for your impending “BUSY” season!

2 thoughts to “Everyone is Too Busy to Cook”

  1. Yes, with all of us racing the clock day in and day out, how often do we “settle for” the easiest thing to prepare and eat, without a thought to its long term effects on our body. Of course, with the availability of personal chefs, some of this load can be taken off. Making healthy food choices will actually give us more energy to cope with our everyday responsibilities.

  2. Food brings people together from all different backgrounds and learning how to cook a dish from another culture is not only challenging but can be exciting as well.

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