Life is About Choices

I tell my students frequently that life is about choices, and that every choice has a consequence. Sometimes we want the consequence, and sometimes we don’t, and other times we may feel like we can’t face a consequence, and all of these options affect how we choose.

March is a usually a difficult month in teaching, depending upon when Spring Break is going to be. Unlike colleges, most school districts plan Spring Break to coincide with Easter, meaning that March is the month with no breaks. This year, Easter is very early. Do you know why? Because Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. So many times, March is the month without a break, but not this month!

Another reason March can be difficult is that the weather starts to turn, but sometimes not. We have had horrible snowstorms in March, that drop that heavy “widow-maker” snow. The record was set back in 1956 by a storm that dropped something like a foot and a half of snow. But even last year, we had a storm that left us a few inches of the white stuff.

We have also had stints of 80° and sunny, when I got so sunburnt, I had to call out of school the next day because I couldn’t move! Who thinks about putting on sunscreen in March? Obviously, not me.

In either case, the weather extremes make teaching difficult – they serve as distractions. And it does not take much to distract a high school senior by March. They go on their Senior Trip and then it sets in – the dreaded disease, Senioritis.

So my focus this month is about staying positive. I know that I can’t control the weather; I can’t control my students; I can’t control a whole lot in the big wide world. But I can control how I react to the world, and this month I am going to try and be as positive as possible. So, I will apologize in advance to any of my colleagues if I seem a little more like a Pollyanna and a little less like cynical Natalie, but that is this month’s single focus.