Preservation Class Post Script

Many thanks to all who attended class on Wednesday evening!  It was great to have so many people who are so interested in the ancient art of lacto-fermentation!

To answer three questions that have come by email, that may interest more of you:

1. What was the name of the farm where you get your dairy?  My regular source for dairy is Freedom Acres Farm in Honeybrook, PA.  They have 100% open door policy and will answer questions and show you around.  The phone number is (610)-273-2076.  Tell them Natalie sent you!

2. Can I use they whey left from cottage cheese making?  Well, that depends.  If you used the “quick-set” method by adding vinegar to the heated milk, the answer is no.  If you cultured the milk to make it set, then yes.  The problem is that the vinegar will kill the good and the bad bacteria, therefore no lacto-bacilli in the whey.  The whey that I used in class is the by-product of yogurt making, which is loaded with good probiotic bacteria.

3. If I am making pickles, how do I know when they are finished?  In addition to the bubbles that will make any spices float up and down, you can tell by the color. These are freshly packed cukes in the brine:Image

After 3-4 days, the color will turn, and they will turn a more olive green:


I hope that helps!

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