Adendum to Jamming and a Special Thanks

I don’t go on my Facebook account very often.

Mostly I use it to promote classes I am teaching and now to promote my blog.  I check into my account about once every two weeks or so.  I’m glad I did this morning.  The jam recipe I included in the last entry?  It was missing an ingredient — the lime juice, which is important not only as a flavor element, but as the acid that makes the jelly safe for hot-water bath processing.

What does FB have to do with this?  Well, a dear friend of mine shared my blog through his FB, which was a great surprise.  And then two of his friends had comments about the blog, one of which was about the food safety of the recipe.  Without Angela Mazur’s comment, the recipe may have made some people ill, which would have been horrible!

Thing was, I just made a batch that morning and failed to bring the recipe card to the computer with me, and typed in the recipe from memory.  I won’t make that mistake again!  The blog entry has since been updated!  Thanks again to Angela.

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