30-Day Challenge: Coming Soon!

Are you ready for a change in your eating habits, but are having trouble getting started?  After reading a the January Focus post on lunches, a blog follower emailed me and asked me if I would consider posting everyday with lunch ideas.  She expressed that she was interested in bringing her lunch from home, but was sure that she would get tired of the soup, resort to PBJ’s, and soon grow tired of those.  And we know where that leads — back to the Drive-Thru. Soon afterwards, Heidi Fuqua (you can read her Wanderings here) contacted me about doing a 30-Day Challenge, and then it felt like a Double-Dog Dare.  So, 30-Day Challenge: Coming Soon to a blog near you.

The challenge will be about eating a lunch made at home.  It isn’t just about the food, but preparation techniques, planning, and recipes (of course!).  And it isn’t just about taking lunch to work, because not everyone works outside the home, but no matter where you are during the day, drive-thru and pre-fab meals are an easy temptation because we don’t have to slow down from a hectic day.  The work-at-home mom’s I know are just as busy as the work-out-of-the-home mom’s I know.  And weekends are sometimes even busier than the work-week.

More details on the way!

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