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Food empowerment means gaining control over the kinds of food you eat – the book is a primer that will help you navigate the murky waters of the Industrial Food System; this blog is where I write about my family’s continuing food odyssey, share ideas and recipes. Welcome, and enjoy!

Ditching the Drive-Thru, now available!

Ditching the Drive ThruAfter an exhausting day at work, is hitting the drive-thru or nuking a pre-fab meal too often the go-to decision for feeding your family? Cooking a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients can seem beyond the average person’s time, ability, energy, or financial means.

But with mounting evidence pointing to processed food and our industrial food system as the culprits behind many of our nation’s health problems—including obesity, diabetes, and cancer—it’s now more important than ever to be fully informed about what goes on your family’s dinner plates. If you’re ready to take control of your food choices but don’t know the difference between grass-fed versus grain-fed, pastured versus free-range, or organic versus sustainable, read this book to discover:

  • How to create your own thirty-month plan to convert your family from junk food to real food, without a revolt!
  • Recipes and advice on planning and prepping meals so you can make home-cooked a habit for your family
  • Instructions for getting the most out of produce using techniques such as lacto-fermentation, dehydrating, and canning
  • An introduction to the world of farm-direct sales, including tips on locating local farms, seeing through marketing buzzwords, and shopping with CSAs

Ditching the Drive-Thru exposes the insidious hold the commercial food industry has taken over the fast-paced lives of the average American and the danger these processed foods and diet plans pose to our health, environment, and emotional well-being. Learn how to break free from the grind and return to a simpler relationship with food from farmers, not factories, and home-cooked meals that are created in your kitchen, not on a conveyor belt.


“Changing my eating habits has been a huge item for me in the last two years, more so in the last six months. What we eat affects our health and well-being, and I had come to realize I was not eating things that were making me feel good (nor helping with my weight!). I have done a complete overhaul of my habits but there is always something new to learn and try out.

“Ditching the Drive-Thur helps you work through some of the new and emerging terms that you probably hear a lot about (GMOs, organic,etc) by breaking these themes down chapter by chapter and explaining them in simple terms.

“The layout in this book is perfect and makes sense from a readers standpoint (with the progression of terms, recipes,etc..). The writing is easy enough for most adults and youths to understand and relate to their own lives. She also provides great recipes, tips and ideas on how to make healthier choices and how to stock your home. All of which are key themes to eating healthy!

“For me this was a great reminder of why I am choosing to eat healthier and why it is so important for my family to do so also. It gave me fresh new ideas to try out while giving me opportunity to adapt it to my own home. A great read for those looking to change bad habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle!”

— Carla, Working Mommy Journal Read entire review here

This book will show you that it’s easier than you think to become independent of supermarket processed foods and the dreaded drive-thru. As the author so rightly points out, why do we allow ourselves to be controlled in such a way? And we are controlled — by clever advertising, marketing and the media. The food industry is a huge one and it’s making today’s Americans unhealthy. We shouldn’t allow this to happen. Why are we letting this industry dictate our eating habits?

“It’s fine for you but what about the rest of us?”

Ms Winch explains that the comment above was said to her when she was telling someone that she gets her family’s fresh, pesticide-free produce from a local farm. But as she says, what’s the difference between driving to the farm and driving to a supermarket? None, except that the former has better, healthier, fresher food.

The authors is an average American mother. She has a husband and two children. She teaches school. She’s a busy lady with a normal family. Yet the reason many people give for not feeding their families properly is that they don’t have the time. Ms Winch argues that if she does, most of us do too. And that’s especially valid when you consider that the difference between good food and processed food is actually a matter of life or death.

Does that seem harsh? Well, let’s take obesity as an example. We know that this has been a problem in our society for many years but we also know that child obesity is becoming a serious problem. Quite rightly, we are appalled at any sort of cruelty to children but we are bringing up kids who will become obese adults with all the health problems that causes.

–Jackie Jackson, Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine Read entire review here


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